Mud and Stone

Released: 2/19/12

Produced by: Loretta Hagen and Gary Hagen


Acoustic Guitar: Loretta Hagen, Gary Hagen

Electric Guitar: Gary Hagen

Bass: Matt McGee, Ron De La Vega, Teri Avella, Pete Bremy

Drums: Peter Young, Debby Maggiulli, Mark Beckett, Tom Mintz

Djembe: Linda Lambiase

Keyboards: Mike Schimpf

Violin: Tim Lorsch

Banjo: Linda McRae

Penny Whistle: Sara Gallmann

Backing Vocals: Loretta Hagen (except Bonus Track: Gary Hagen, Sara Gallmann)


Loretta Hagen photo credit: Maria Ventura/

CD & Web Design: Amilyn Lanning/


Management: Michelle Fortier, Wingschell Entertainment/


Recorded at: Bearfort Recording & Sound, West Milford, NJ, except for Take Me, recorded at

Panda Productions, Hendersonville, TN. Mastered by Glenn Barratt at MorningStar Studios,

East Norriton, PA.


Much Love and Thanks to: Gary, for your love, your amazing ears, and the countless hours and passion you poured into this CD. Michelle Fortier, “the energizer bunny”, for your unwavering dedication, love and support. Tracey Delfino, for your friendship, for believing in this record and for inviting my little Lily to Massachusetts! Larry Ahearn for your friendship and guidance, Val and Ami for your invaluable help, love and friendship, Kooster McAllister (Record Plant Remote) for your kindness, your mics made a world of difference!  Bernie and Celeste Stapleton for the recordings at CoyoteRidge Music, Kevin and John for your help and input, Tony Christopher for the brushes, the amazing musicians on this record for sharing your talents, the radio/internet/podcast DJs, I hope you’ll give this new one a spin or two or hundreds! Thanks for all you do for our music community!! To all the wonderful venues that have hosted us and to those we look forward to performing at, we appreciate all you do to keep indie artists flourishing. To the wonderful music artists I have had the pleasure of meeting and sharing the stage with, you all inspire me, especially Terence Martin, you were an incredible inspiration to so many, your spirit and music will live on. To the wonderful audiences who attend the shows and play the CDs, thank you so much for listening! To my beautiful family for always being there and helping me to stay on this musical journey, and to my Lily, Simba and Figaro, I love you with all my heart!



Sundown Till Dawn



Something More


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